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Your First Counselling Session

Experience this:

A sweet moment of relief from the battle between your head and your heart. It

lasts just long enough for you to snatch the keys and take your rightful place behind the

wheel. You’re unsure of the destination, but a lightness in your chest tells you, you're heading in the right direction. You have booked your first Counselling Session.

Healing is all about connection.

The first momentous step of the healing process happens when you connect with yourself for just long enough to move in the direction of what feels right.

Scary? Perhaps. Out of your comfort zone? Possibly.

But can you recall anything profoundly worthwhile that wasn’t?

No planning needed for this first step of your healing journey….

You have been labouring over it for long enough and you know it.

Right now, all you need to do is TRUST your GUT. And book that first session.

Deep down, your gut already knows: no person is an island, collaboration beats isolation, asking for help is nothing less than heroic. Your gut also knows that you can reconnect; with yourself, with others, with hopes and dreams, with lightness and joy. You can because you must. And you must because your pain won’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

We’re here to help you connect, reconnect, and even disconnect from what no longer

serves you. We will explore with you what helps you feel safe and provide you the support to ensure you’re safe enough to risk feeling ‘unsafe’ as we move into the unknown together towards your deepest longings for a fully lived life.

We welcome you with warmth, integrity, presence, unconditional positive regard, no-nonsense authenticity and—yes—celebration, joy and laughter.

And did we mention our impressive sense of direction?

Take the journey of your lifetime. Together we will create the map of your travels.


This is a powerful step you take towards healing. We’re here to accompany you.

This is a potent step towards showing up for your self. Welcome to embodiment.

This is you trusting yourself and your potential in the world. The World needs you.


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