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Resonance Together
offers the 

Art, Science and Practice


of deeply rewarding connection.

We have witnessed the profound benefits of our tools, techniques and approach when supporting life's challenges:
Creative Expression,
Empowered Leadership,
Living Well, Inviting Choice,
Self-Development, Stress-Reduction,
Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Trauma, Grief
Sexuality, Relationships, Self-Esteem Issues
Journeying Spiritually

We love working in partnership.

As a couple and working therapists, our relationship with each other re-energises us as we forge our individual paths. This exhilarates our work and deeply enriches our clients. We connect with each other, and we connect with you.

We are passionate about working with Creatives, Leaders and Couples. Our intention is to free you to grab hold of what you most desire: for yourself, your relationships and your work. We both walked into our freedom through deep relational connection. And we have the desire, capacity and tools to support you on your journey.

We invite you to join us in resonant connection to see what we can create together. Connect and work with us on the goals and life visions that are most important to you. 

We meet you where you are. Meet us here:

Wild Path

Resonance Together is built on the promise & possibility of creating a transformative relationship from which something greater will emerge. It's through this whole-hearted connection that you'll clear blockages and gain agency.

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