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Living Your Creation

For Courageous Creatives
Image by Jim Carroll
You may be a writer, a creative or performing artist, a designer, an entrepreneur, an innovator. Or perhaps you're wanting to turn up the volume on that whisper of creative self-knowledge that's not yet fully surfaced. 
Whoever you are and whatever has brought you here...


Your relationship and response to your creativity is deeply embraced here. It will be my privilege to support you into and through your creative expression, in whatever form it manifests.


I believe you are a creative being.

I want your creativity to be released and revealed

--in your life and in our world.

I believe in you.

I celebrate you.

I am a midwife supporting

the birth of your creative expression.


I offer you space, where I will work with you individually, in person or online, to support you in the next step of your creative expression. 


I offer you the invitation to: 

  • Access your authentic voice. 

  • Free your creative expression. 

  • Move and energise the muscular blocks in your body cutting off your creativity. 

  • Set boundaries and say ‘no’ to what isn’t supporting your creative process.

  • Increase your energy, free your life-force and charge up your motivation.

  • Release and resolve your unprocessed trauma blocking your creative expression.

  • Embody and connect with yourself to access your creativity.

  • Open your life to love and relational vitality. 

Image by Jim Carroll

Living Your Creation Package

Join me as we work through this process together

Each package is tailored to your individual needs and creative focus.

You are not alone. Come and work with me.

Initial information gathering process
Session 4: 2 hours
Deep Dive to Clear a Significant Creative Block 
Session 1: 1 hour
Setting Your Creative Intention
Session 3: 1 hour
Exploring Your Relationship to Living your Creation 
Session 2: 2 hours
Identifying and Acknowledging Your Major Blocks to Creative Expression 
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Session 5: 1 hour
Living Fully into Your Creation
Image by Jim Carroll

Free Discovery Call

Email now for an initial 20-minute
FREE Discovery Call

A commitment free way for you to meet me, ask questions, clarify your desire and identify your creative priorities and needs. 

Jade's Journey

I came to therapy, like so many do, after hitting rock bottom.  


I was in a spiral of shame and struggled to reconcile how I had ended up in a particular situation. I felt removed from myself.


My actions and my heart seemed out of alignment. In that space, I began a process with Esther of reintegrating me back to me. She helped me to be less judgmental of and offer kindness to myself.

As we have worked together, I have noticed that I have been able to express emotion more easily to those close to me, ask for help, and say out loud the things that matter.


Through this process of learning to see myself and others with less judgement, I have experienced creativity flowing through me in a different way. I have experimented with the unpredictable nature of watercolour, I have started to sketch (something I never thought I could do) and I self-published a little poetry book.


Esther doesn’t teach me to paint, sketch or write, but what she does do is create a space between us in which judgment and shame has no place. It is a space where I feel seen and my pain and joy can be shared without fear of rejection. I have learned to carry that space into my life and into my creativity.


The irony is, in the letting go of judging our creative endeavours, something new can come forth, which is the very definition of creativity.


PS: Coming to therapy before hitting rock bottom would have been so helpful. And I am also happy I came to therapy when I did.

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