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Working with Esther or William Diplock

Relationship Therapy

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“Good relationships in life are the best guard against mental health issues” - Stan Tatkin


It's not uncommon to be in a relationship and eventually find issues arise between you as a couple. For some people that can be early on in their relationship and for others it can be further down the track.


Perhaps you're seeking Relationship Counselling because

  • You have clashing communication styles and want to find common ground, so you both feel heard.

  • There's conflict about sex, finances, parenting, friends, time spent together, time spent apart and you want to resolve it

  • You can't decide whether to stay together or end the relationship and you need resolution.

  • You're struggling with 'losing yourself in the relationship' and want to hold a place both for yourself and your partnership.

  • You're juggling the many competing demands in this world and you want to commit to making time and holding space for your relationship.


Put two humans together and sooner or later issues will come to the surface that need to be faced and, hopefully, worked through to find resolution. Depending on the issue, this can be straightforward. At other times, relationships can benefit from an independent, listening ear. 

Seeing a Relationship Counsellor at these times is a wise investment of time, money and energy. In fact, attending to the relationship sooner rather than later, is the ideal.

“We were struggling...”

"My husband and I first started seeing William for relationship counselling after struggling to overcome intimacy issues.


We have been together a long time and had never had an issue with intimacy.


We could never have imagined how much this impacted the dynamic of our relationship and our entire marriage was at stake if we didn’t get to the core of the issue.

William guided us through our issues gently and respectfully.

He gave us the means to look at things from a different perspective and created a really safe space for us to work through our issues. We are now in a very positive place and are incredibly grateful for William’s expertise in getting us there.”

Couple in their late 30’s.


“Couples wait an average of six years of being unhappy with their relationship before getting help.”
John Gottman

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