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William Diplock

The truth is, while life is complex and challenging; it can be much simpler and more straightforward. This involves releasing our death grip on the baggage that's getting in our way. The great news is that, with some effort--and a helping, experienced hand--life is also transformative and beautiful. I help my clients release what's no longer serving them, so they can reach for their heart's desire.

I don’t have easy answers or quick fixes. What I offer is the deep relationship, deep acceptance, deep dialogue and deep teamwork that can help you—over time—to find your own unique answers.


Answers that will allow you to dance with life much more graciously, compassionately and lovingly. 


 I'm glad you're here. It's where you'll find unconditional love, warmth, safety and honesty. With me, you're encouraged to fully express yourself--without judgement, shame or humiliation. I support you to get in touch with, who you are, what you really want and the steps you are ready to take to transform your life. 

Image by Jim Carroll

What I bring to our work together

I'm cheeky, I'm funny, I'm challenging, I'm firm, I'm creative. 

And we will most likely laugh and cry during our journey together. 

Like my wife and partner Esther, I have a big heart and a deep commitment to live, with integrity, my own best life as I support you in doing the same.

If you're here, you're probably grappling with how to live your best life.  Let's join forces. 
My Qualifications

I am a lifelong learner on an ever-evolving journey of creative embodiment:

  • Bachelor of Social Science, Psychology (Charles Sturt University)

  • Master of Social Science, Counselling (Queensland University of Technology)

  • Advanced Diploma of Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (Institute of Body Psychotherapy)

  • Spiritual Direction, 4-Year Training (St Francis Theological College)

  • Laughter Yoga Leader

  • Gender Equity & Reconciliation International (GERI) Trainer and Facilitator


I am a clinical member and accredited supervisor with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia). I am a Member of the Australian College of Relationship Counsellors and am ARCAP (Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists) Registered. 


I have worked as a therapist since 1990, in community-based organisations and private practice and managed a counselling and training service for 10 years. I have lectured and tutored in tertiary institutions including Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Christian Heritage College (CHC), Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and the Institute of Body Psychotherapy, training students in counselling and body psychotherapy. 


But, by far, my most valued qualification is who I have become as a healing person. Nodding sagely from across the room is not my style. I'll be fully engaged with you every step of the way.


It will be my privilege to work with you, so please make an appointment today.  

To find out more about me read: 

Neil's Journey

“ I have known and worked with William for many years in different forms ranging from counselling, to supervision and a variety of group work settings. William has provided some of the most profound insights, understanding and acceptance that I have experienced in both the professional and personal world. William is a committed, professional practitioner who has been an outstanding help and support to me in my journey."


– Neil Roberts, Therapist & Supervisor

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