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William's Story

My personal and professional journeys through therapy are deeply intertwined.

They serve as a daily inspiration in my work with each of my clients; and with you.

My story is grounded in the foundational truth that healing is possible. I know this, from the inside out.

Your story is worth sharing because it connects you with yourself and with


You are here because you know, despite the internal clamouring:

Healing is your birthright.

Healing will be the greatest gift you give yourself.

My life has been characterised by both suffering and a continual facing-up to the challenges of loss, depression, physical illness, death, being overweight, relationship breakdown.

I share with you a profound determination to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Pain feels weighty and powerful, but rather than discard it, we can transform it to heal


I have made therapy a place for:

  • sharing inner truths

  • being loved and accepted

  • stepping into a more embodied life

  • overcoming obstacles and difficulties

  • seeking relational health

The healing miracle I am so passionate to share with you results in improved health, greater enjoyment in life, and infinite pools of love and acceptance: for yourself, for loved ones and for community.

No matter your challenge, you have the resolve and capacity to grow; to heal and share

your gifts. We all have times when we forget this. I am here to remind and reconnect you with this truth.

I invite you to join me on the journey of profound and fulfilling healing.

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