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Esther's Story

I know what survival mode feels like:

  • Pain, isolation, and no energy left for pleasure or connection with others

  • The turmoil of feeling both ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’

  • A smile plastered on my face, tight muscles and a heavy, aching heart

  • Sad, exhausted eyes looking back at me in the mirror

I don't live in survival mode anymore.

My biggest inspiration for becoming a therapist was my own experience in survival mode.

Decades later, my daily inspirations are clients, like you, who re-envision and re-sculpt their lives with my support.

I am deeply thankful, my life did not remain in that painful place.

And neither will yours.

Your potential for profound change and growth is unlimited, something that’s hard to believe when you’re in survival mode. That’s why we all deserve the support of someone who can believe for us until we can see it for ourselves.

Someone who:

  • Provides a profound sense of safety, which allows you to open your heart

  • Fully accepts you as you are and sees your potential

  • Identifies and celebrates your unique gifts and strengths

  • Empowers you to overcome blocks and abandon negative thinking patterns

By just being here, you've made a brave step in the direction of healing, connection and wholeness. Let the momentum carry you over the threshold.

I’m here to welcome you to healing. Drop the longing. Choose belonging.

Bathe in the healthy, sustaining, empowering LOVE of self-acceptance.

Dance to the rhythms of self-expression and fulfilment.

You are not alone. Let’s create transformational change together.


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