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Esther and William Diplock

Transformational Change Agents

Counsellors, Relationship Therapists, Body Psychotherapists, Clinical Supervisors, Educators

Esther & William Diplock are united in their commitment to share the joy of personal transformation with you. Their professional experience and singular chemistry fuels the exceptional results their clients experience.

Image by Jim Carroll
Open the door and let your life in.
Recognise, embrace and embody your full potential.

A search for meaning, connection and fulfilment led you here:
a welcoming space devoted to empowerment, transformation and growth.

Resonance Together supports
courageous creative and enlightened leaders. 
Tune into and ignite your self-belief, energy and focus. 
Living Your Creation

For Courageous Creatives

with Esther Diplock

Every creative endeavour comes with a potential dark side: self-doubt, negative self-talk, self-sabotage. A heap of 'creative thinking' goes into blocking our own creativity. I designed, Living Your Creation, so you don't have to face your creative blocks alone.


I understand firsthand the unique challenges Creatives face. Through years of counselling artists of every type, I've developed the strategies, structure and resources necessary to help you claim your creative potential.

I will be the witness, champion, compassionate challenger, fellow creative, and celebrator of you and your vision. 


Lose the blocks. Find your power.

See detailed information here.


Email now for an initial 20-minute FREE Discovery Call: A commitment free way for you to meet me, ask questions, clarify your desires and identify your creative priorities and needs.

A Safe Space for Leaders

For Enlightened Leaders

with William Diplock

It's important for leaders to find a place where you won't be judged for your vulnerabilities; where you'll be supported, accepted, and challenged to move forward. Honest, open examination -- of yourself and your work challenges --will make you a more effective leader.

Leadership can be a tough and lonely road. Although opening up is difficult, it is crucial to your development and effectiveness. I've been there myself, so I prioritise your comfort and growth as you navigate the challenges you face.

Choosing A Safe Space for Leaders is a game-changing decision. And be assured, the space I provide is entirely safe and confidential. 


Lose the heaviness. Let in your light.

See detailed information here.


Email now for an initial 20-minute FREE Discovery Call: A commitment free way for you to meet me, ask questions, clarify your needs and identify your leadership priorities.

Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix, Co-Founders & Co-Directors of Gender Equity & Reconciliation International (GERI)
We always have choice to perceive in new ways.  
We can shift our focus to where life and energy and pleasure is.
This shift of focus changes our life.
Our Values - Your Benefits

With fifty years of combined therapeutic practice and tens-of-thousands of hours supporting clients we know that with time and effort what you're craving is attainable and sustainable:


Clarity: The "A-HA" moments of life needn't be few and far between. Experience coherence and understanding

Presence: It's the WOW-factor of focussing on what's before you.  Become fully present with yourself and others.

Love: Yes, it's a VERB. Meet everyone and everything with an open heart. Practice appreciation and a desire for the best for yourself and others.

Relational Resonance: We can't say it enough. We are here for you. Develop openness to the shared space that connects us.

Transformation: "About bloody time!" Change what matters most. Evolve your life, your energy and your potential.  

Vibrancy: Smile, laugh, and live like you mean it. You are worth it. Fill yourself with energy and life.

In the spirit of respect and humanity, we recognise the Aboriginal peoples of Australia as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands and waters. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and their elders past, present and emerging. We recognise the strength and resilience of First Peoples in fighting for their cultures, communities, and lands. 

We support LGBTIQA+ communities

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