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Over the years, I have worked with and been part of many professional and personal development groups. Esther and William's facilitation showed an exemplary level of empathy, compassion and honesty creating a safe space for me to be vulnerable and open my heart. The result has been a deeper understanding of myself and others.


Barry Auchettl M.Ed

Principal of


Living Your


I came to therapy, like so many do, after hitting rock bottom. I was in a spiral of shame and struggled to reconcile how I had ended up in a particular situation. I felt removed from myself. My actions and my heart seemed out of alignment. In that space, I began a process with Esther of reintegrating me back to me. She helped me to be less judgmental of and offer kindness to myself. As we have worked together, I have noticed that I have been able to express emotion more easily to those close to me, ask for help, and say out loud the things that matter. 


Through this process of learning to see myself and others with less judgement, I have experienced creativity flowing through me in a different way. I have experimented with the unpredictable nature of watercolour, I have started to sketch (something I never thought I could do) and I self-published a little poetry book.


Esther doesn’t teach me to paint, sketch or write, but what she does do is create a space between us in which judgment and shame has no place. It is a space where I feel seen and my pain and joy can be shared without fear of rejection. I have learned to carry that space into my life and into my creativity. The irony is, in the letting go of judging our creative endeavours, something new can come forth, which is the very definition of creativity.


PS: Coming to therapy before hitting rock bottom would have been so helpful. And I am also happy I came to therapy when I did.


This illuminates the process clearly.


Jade Sweeney


Esther's Wisdom

I didn’t know what I wanted – just that things weren’t working for me and I was running out of hands to cover all the leaks. Esther has taken me on a journey of re-sculpting. I’ve learned to move through a fog of doubt, and to follow the thread of what I want for my future, versus the tangle of what others have wanted. I never thought I’d sit comfortably in this skin, but I do now, with thanks to Esther’s marbling, swirling wisdom.


Alice Achoo, Artist


Body Psychotherapy

When I began seeing Esther for counselling, I was body illiterate and very sceptical about the value of working with the body in psychotherapy. Now I have a trusting, compassionate and loving relationship with my body, which has been integral to richer, more expansive, and more authentic ways of being in my personal life and relationships and my professional work in the counselling field. Esther’s uncompromising attention to safety and relational authenticity, evidenced in how she respects boundaries and choice and how she brings her attentive, thoughtful and playful self to our therapeutic relationship has been the most invaluable aspect of my therapeutic work with her.


Lorryn Davies, Counsellor & Lecturer




Esther has played a significant role in my personal and professional development as a practitioner. She brings authenticity, fearlessness and gentleness that inspires and challenges me to dig deeper and stretch wider. There is often laughter, sometimes tears, and always compassion, respect and a moving forward.


Kerri Sweetman, Counsellor and Director Siloam Wellness Centre Ltd


Safe Space for Leaders

As the CEO of a not-for-profit organisation, I needed to seek professional supervision, not only for myself but also for the organisation’s practitioners. The external supervisor needed to be able to intuit our organisation's professional supervision requirements and at the same time understand its unique ethos and service delivery. The last thing I wanted was a “cookie-cutter” approach to our supervision. William was able to get alongside us and tailor our professional supervision needs. The result has been a partnership spanning more than a decade.

Looking back, deciding to work with William Diplock was a smart decision. Today all our practitioners hold current PACFA certification and our organisation is highly regarded in the industry.


Rob Jones


William's Wisdom

My husband and I first started seeing William for relationship counselling after struggling to overcome intimacy issues. We have been together a long time and had never had an issue with intimacy. We could never have imagined how much this impacted the dynamic of our relationship and our entire marriage was at stake if we didn’t get to the core of the issue. William guided us through our issues gently and respectfully. He gave us the means to look at things from a different perspective and created a really safe space for us to work through our issues. We are now in a very positive place and are incredibly grateful for William’s expertise in getting us there.

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