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Image by Jim Carroll

Moving Your Creation Sessions

Facilitated with Esther

It is your choice to move as much or as little as you want.  If you have injuries, pain or feel self-conscious you are invited to work within your own limits and adapt movements to suit your own body (or just don’t do that particular movement).  The purpose is to move towards pleasure not pain.

The sessions are based on principles of Core Energetics, a form of Body Psychotherapy and can be highly supportive for those who are engaged in their own therapeutic process.  


Many of us store emotions and trauma in the musculature of our bodies which need to be softened and stretched in order to allow us to release them and heal. 


These sessions are designed to lead you through a 4 step process.

Many of us have been too scared to let ourselves open up, move, breath, feel, stretch and express who we are inside.  


And yet, and yet and yet... we keep touching the parts of us that long to let our bodies move and seek the freedom of full self-expression.  

These sessions are designed to gently and boldly invite you into connection with yourself, through movement and breath work.  

You are welcome whatever your body shape, level of flexibility & age (over 18). 


Image by Jim Carroll

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